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Sam Kreit, DMD

Dr. Sam has been practicing Dentistry for over 23 years and has dedicated his life to exceptional dentistry. He approaches every dental procedure as a work of art, and his love for art and painting, along with his appreciation for science, come together in his dental treatments like the touch of a gentle brush.


Dr. Sam has dual degrees: a DMD in 2012 from the prestigious, Ivy League school the University of Pennsylvania, and a DDS in 1995 from Damascus University in Syria. He worked in private practice in Damascus until 2004 when his ambition led him to Canada, where he studied hard before moving to Philadelphia to attend the University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine. He moved to Washington, D.C. in 2012, where he was fascinated by the architectural beauty of the city. He worked in a private office at Dupont circle, one of the most beautiful neighborhoods in the country. He then moved to Columbus, Ohio, for a few months, but his heart finally fell in love with Houston after an educational event brought him here. He made a decision and moved here to Houston to open a solo practice.

Finally, in 2019, Dr. Sam brought his vision to life and started his own private office to serve the community and put his philosophy completely into practice. As an artist, he designed his own office and took care of every detail.

Dr. Sam’s private office allows him the autonomy to do artistic work as he chooses, and he hopes that the very welcoming office environment itself reflects that freedom and artistry.

Dr. Sam’s passion for dentistry drives him to take advanced continuing education courses on topics such as dental implants and the latest advances in cosmetic dentistry, to provide the best dental care for his patients.

One of Dr. Sam’s passions outside of dentistry is painting! He is inspired heavily by the great artists of the past and enjoys creating oil paintings on canvas while listening to the masters of classical music. Dr. Sam’s art skills and the gift he was given provide outstanding, beautiful dental work.

Come and meet Dr. Sam today and learn for yourself what makes this practice unique! Have a complimentary coffee from our coffee bar, check out our amazing office and see the results of Dr. Sam’s hard work. Keeping your smile healthy and beautiful is a lifelong commitment, and Dr. Sam is excited to help you make it your very own work of art.

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